Welcome to the Corporate Safety Portal

Our Company integrates sustainability into our overall operations through the development and implementation of programs that not only promote and ensure corporate responsibility, but also protect health, safety and the environment. With the diversification of our Organization over the years, we have grown into a family of businesses with a wide range of specialties. This Portal provides employees, Customers and Contractors with the rules and standards to be used in every one of our Company’s daily activities; allowing us to work in the safest possible manner. Those Companies include:

  • Blanchard Industrial, LLC
  • GIS Engineering, LLC
  • Grand Isle Shipyard, LLC.
  • GWIS
  • Mack Steel
  • NuWave
  • Sun Industries
  • Valvemax
  • Discovery Industries, Inc.

Below you will find HSE related documents that you may use as reference to perform you work. Should you have any questions or concerns with any content found here, please contact the Corporate HSE department at 985-475-5238.

  • Fleet Management
  • HSE Forms
  • HSE Manual
  • Policies
  • Safety Alerts
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